Alexej von Jawlensky - Selbstbildnis

Jawlensky’s engagement with the human countenance is characteristic of his entire oeuvre but is strangely only expressed seven times in self-portraits. Four of them were done in 1911/1912, one of which is in the Im Obersteg Collection. It is the first of this series and was painted 1911 in Prerow on the Baltic Sea.
The picture is almost square in format and shows us the block-like bust of the artist in three-quarter profile at the age of 47. The face is made up of willful planes of color. The beard and hair in contrasting green-yellow stand out against the red-orange face. The mouth thinned to a line and the blue eyes under drawn-together brows show determination. The round head rests on a stand-up collar like a pillar, as if intending an impression of force and stability. Shoulders and upper body in a red robe are encircled in a black outline and form a closed-off, solid base. Behind the artist’s powerful presence, here shown without his painting utensils, the monochrome blue background appears like a sky.

Jawlensky was now a recognized artist who, via his contact to Henri Matisse, found his way to new colors. He had met Matisse personally in 1905 in Paris and, through the study of his works, became familiar with the possibility of color orchestration freed from any motif, which served the direct expression of emotion. In addition, the simplification of forms and the arrangement of modulated color spots show that he had also come to grips with Paul Cézanne’s doctrines and paintings.


1928 (Weihnachten) erworben beim Künstler von Karl Im Obersteg


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