Auguste Rodin - La petite ombre

The bronze La petite ombre is a replica of the figure that—in three copies gathered as a group—crowns the lintel of Rodin’s monumental La porte de l’enfer (The Gates of Hell). Commissioned by the French government for the main entrance to the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Rodin’s Gates of Hell were never realized for that purpose. Individual figures and entire ensembles from the teeming tableau, including La petite ombre, were later reproduced in casts. Rodin’s literary source for the gate was Dante’s Divine Comedy, and the Shade was likely inspired by the three shadowy characters who step forth from the throng of the damned in Canto XVI of the Inferno. Although the artist himself never explicitly called the three overdoor figures “Shades,” contemporaries who followed his work on the project already interpreted them as personifications of Dante’s famous inscription above the gateway to the underworld: “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.” The vividness with which La petite ombre conveys the tenor of these fateful words solely through the figure’s posture speaks to Rodin’s extraordinary artistry.

Aufsatz Regula Luginbühl-Wirz, PDF, 120 KB


1938 erworben bei Eugène Rudier, Paris, von Karl Im Obersteg


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