Chaïm Soutine - L'enfant au jouet

The portrait in question is one from the artist’s early Paris years. Soutine’s many portraits are usually seated half or three-quarter length figures, who have turned their face towards the viewer and hold their hands in their lap or akimbo on their hips. Soutine often didn’t know his models personally, and he had a preference for people in uniform. The boy portrayed here wears a tight-fitting suit that, like a uniform, leaves little room for individuality. The desired anonymity enables the painter to capture the character of his models without making any compromises and to enhance his expressiveness. The depiction of face and hands is especially forceful. In this picture they are strikingly large and scarred by life and work, in comparison to the frail body. The boy, though still a child, must have led an adult life, marked by hard labor. Soutine himself grew up in the most poverty-stricken circumstances and had had to suffer great hardship in his youth. It is this harsh experience that may well resonate in the present painting.


1926 (Herbst) erworben an der Auktion Paul Guillaume bei Drouot, Paris, von Karl Im Obersteg


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