Emil Nolde - Herr und Dame (Dame mit Pelz)

In the winter of 1910/11 Nolde was in Berlin where he for years had spent the winter months, often going out to night spots. From the sketches he made in these places, he later produced a series of paintings in his Berlin studio, which threw a critical light on the fashionable extravagancies of urban man. Nolde, who in fact loved a simple country life, felt a profound distaste for anything artificial and over-cultivated. Translated into painting, he renounced latter-day Impressionism which he rejected as mere art for the eyes. He felt drawn to the art of indigenous peoples, and it had a lasting influence on his oeuvre that was thoroughly oriented towards expression. He went regularly to Berlin’s Museum of Ethnology, where he studied the art forms on exhibit there. Herr und Dame shows the grotesque portraits of two smart-set city people translated into a lapidary, expressive vocabulary of forms and irrational colors.

Aufsatz Michael Baumgartner, PDF, 153 KB


1919 Ludwig Kaufmann, Frankfurt a.M.
1920 erworben, vermutlich in Berlin, von Karl Im Obersteg


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