Louis Soutter - Vierges…

In his last five years, Louis Soutter suffered from an eye condition that severely impaired his vision. At the same time, sclerotic lesions crippled his fingers. The exceptionally gifted Soutter, who had taken up making art again after being committed to a hospice in 1923, responded to these limitations by laying brushes, pens, and pencils aside and painting with his fingers. Propelled by clumsy and dramatic gestures of his more agile elbow, his hands dabbed expansive black shadow figures with oddly contorted silhouettes on light grounds. Savage and vaguely archaic, these figures are haunting embodiments of agitation and obsession. Their dance-like movements in this work point to the legendary sphere of Pharaonic Egypt, which exerted a lasting fascination on the artist. Ultimately, however, Soutter’s compositional inventions elude definitive interpretation. They are the arcane visions of a creative mind spellbound by the mystery of existence.

Aufsatz Hartwig Fischer, PDF, 116 KB


1972 erworben bei der Galerie Beyeler, Basel, von Jürg Im Obersteg


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