Marc Chagall - Der Jude in Schwarz-Weiss

Der Jude in Schwarz-Weiss</i< is the most realistic among the three rabbi portraits in the Im Obersteg Collection. This impression is the result of the reduced, almost naturalistic use of color. The seated Jew is not characterized as a beggar. The features of poverty are entirely missing in the picture. In contrast, we see a dignified old man with a gray beard wearing the ritual dress of a Hasidic Jew: a prayer shawl, the tallith, wrapped around the shoulders and back of the head, the tefillin or phylacteries bound around the head and left arm and in the right hand the looped wraps. The tefillin are worn exclusively during morning prayer, which the Rabbi’s slightly open mouth seems to indicate he is momentarily reciting. According to Chagall’s report the figure is that of a visiting old beggar, whose shoulders he covered with his father’s prayer shawl. In this way he created a quite specific iconography for depicting the message requiring the daily repetition of the morning prayer and the constant remembrance of one’s creed. This painting, too, documents a specific Jewish content, which however does not appear in the picture as script but as a metaphor in paint. In the series of old Jews, this canvas proves to be a conceptually bold painting that, in its elementary polarity of black and white and clear arrangement of the background, reveals the Jewish creed’s lack of pictoriality.

The painting, as were those of the two other Rabbi portraits purchased for the Im Obersteg Collection, was done in 1914. It was a painting that must have had special significance for Chagall. After it was bought shortly after its completion by the collector Alexandre Kagan-Chabchay, Chagall painted two other versions of the original in 1923 in Paris following the war. These hang today in the Galleria d'arte Moderna - Ca'Pesaro in Venice and in the Art Institute of Chicago.


Marc Chagall
A. Kagan-Chabchay, Paris
1936 erworben bei A. Kagan-Chabchay, Paris, von Karl Im Obersteg


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