Marc Chagall - Selbstbildnis

In May 1914 Chagall travelled from Paris to Berlin, where the art dealer, Herwarth Walden, arranged his first solo exhibition at the gallery “Der Sturm”. Over the past four years in Paris, within the force field of Fauvism, Cubism and Orphism, Chagall developed into a modern painter. After his exhibition opened in Berlin, he continued his travels to Vitebsk with the intention of visiting his family and his fiancée Bella Rosenfeld. What had been planned as a three-month quick trip to his native country stretched to unforeseeable duration as a result of the war that had just broken out. During the eight years that Chagall was forced to spend in Russia, he became increasingly engaged with his family origins, his Jewish roots and with his role as an artist. In the year 1914 alone, he produced several self-portraits. Schooled in the classical tradition of the portrait, Chagall presented himself, in part, as a self-assured painter with his insignia of palette, paintbrush and easel. In several cases, he did without these painter’s props and concentrated on a close-up of his face. In the Self-Portrait of the Im Obersteg Collection, this aspect of self-questioning dovetails with that of the masquerade. The painter seems to have worn make-up on this occasion, as he sometimes did. The strange eyes reduced to slits twinkle with mischief and restrained skepticism, and the mouth’s smug smile confronts us. The facial features of the artist’s head tilted to the right above a long neck seem feminine. The pale complexion and the mop of surreally lit curly hair underline the enigmatic aura of the head. A bright cobalt blue is the backdrop for a large area of the frame-filling visage. The white collar, partly yellow-lit, of a clown shirt concludes the lower part. The simplicity and the rupture of forms, as well as the powerful accents of color, are owed to the influence of Orphism and Cubism and lend the mask-like portrait a modern and impersonal charisma.


Marc Chagall
A. Kagan-Chabchay, Paris
1936 erworben bei A. Kagan-Chabchay, Paris, von Karl Im Obersteg


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