Paul Klee - Südalpiner Ort B.

The small-scale work, Südalpiner Ort B. is a segment of a larger sheet of cardboard that Klee later cut into four pieces. Klee was very interested in the material structure of an artwork. His production is characterized by the use of very diverse techniques. In the present piece, the material character of the painting defines the pictorial message. Colored paste was worked together with a plaster-based mass and applied with a spatula to give a relief-like surface to the cardboard. Similar to an actual building, rectangles of various sizes come together to form an orthogonal system. Klee used a checkered pattern in many different ways to structure his pictures, especially during his time at the Bauhaus. The painting’s title possibly refers to a holiday spent in the Engadine during the summer of 1930.

Aufsatz Michael Baumgartner, PDF, 127 KB


1940-1946 Lily Klee, Bern
1946-1947 Klee-Gesellschaft, Bern
1947-1949 Galerie Rosengart, Luzern
Erworben bei der Galerie Rosengart, Luzern, von Karl Im Obersteg


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