Antoni Clavé

(Barcelona 1913 - 2005 St-Tropez)

Clavé enrolls at the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona in 1926. In 1930, he starts designing advertising posters and illustrations for magazines. With Salvador Ortiga, he experiments with a variety of materials. After the Francoist victory in 1939, Clavé is forced to leave Spain and moves to Paris, where, in 1944, he meets Pablo Picasso. Between 1946 and 1954, he is a sought-after theater decorator and creator of lithographic illustrations. In 1952, he spends several months in the U.S. After 1954, Clavé focuses entirely on painting, winning the Prix Matarasso at the São Paulo Biennial in 1957. He lives in Saint-Tropez until his death on August 31, 2005.